Friends Fiduciary Supports Stronger Truck Emissions and Fuel Efficiency

FFC asks the White House, EPA, and NHTSA to strengthen proposed standards regulating emissions and fuel efficiencies of medium and heavy-duty trucks.

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Quaker Investing for Quaker Organizations

We are a Quaker non-profit organization providing cost effective, professional socially responsible investment management services exclusively to Friends meetings, churches, schools and organizations. Our investment philosophy and shareholder activities reflect a distinct awareness of important cultural and economic issues such as the environment, human rights, just wages, safe working conditions, good corporate governance and much more.

Quaker Green Fund

This new diversified, balanced fund is a "fossil fuel free" option that includes investments in alternative energy and CleanTech companies.

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Short Term Investment Fund

This diversified, socially responsible, fixed income investment option offers low volatility and a competitive return for short term funds.

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Consolidated Fund

This balanced fund delivers socially responsible, cost-effective returns, and specialized accounting for your Quaker organization.

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