FFC to Bunge: Reconsider sourcing from palm oil supplier Sarawak Oil Palms Berhad

Sarawak is resisting initiatives to protect forests, peatlands and communities

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Social Responsibility

Guided by Quaker testimonies and values, our investment philosophy and shareholder activities reflect a distinct awareness of important cultural and economic issues such as the environment, human rights, just wages, safe working conditions, good corporate governance, and much more. Explore Socially Responsible Investing →

Serving Quaker Organizations

We serve Quaker Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly Meetings, Schools, Retirement Communities, and other Friends organizations and the donors who wish to support them. Learn More →

Quaker Green Fund

This new diversified, balanced fund is a "fossil fuel free" option that includes investments in alternative energy and CleanTech companies.

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Short Term Investment Fund

This diversified, socially responsible, fixed income investment option offers low volatility and a competitive return for short term funds.

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Consolidated Fund

This balanced fund delivers socially responsible, cost-effective returns, and specialized accounting for your Quaker organization.

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