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Friends Fiduciary Corporation (FFC) is a Quaker non-profit organization providing cost effective, professional, socially responsible investment management services exclusively to Quaker meetings, churches, schools and organizations.  FFC manages over $350 Million in co-mingled funds for 340 constituents across the country. Friends Fiduciary is a manager of managers, selecting best in class investment managers, who implement Quaker socially responsible investment criteria for specific asset classes.

FFC offers four different funds:  Consolidated Fund, Quaker Green Fund, Quaker Index Fund and the Short Term Investment Fund.  Our constituent investors may invest in one or more funds in a single account; deposits, transfers and withdrawals can be made at any time at no additional cost.

FFC is the most active Quaker organization engaging in shareholder and policy advocacy. FFC is the Quaker voice on important business issues.  We believe that investing according to Quaker values supports long term company and shareholder value. Friends Fiduciary has been serving the Religious Society of Friends since 1898.

Quaker testimonies and values guide Friends Fiduciary’s investment activities in three primary ways:  we actively screen out companies that do not meet our Quaker values investing criteria; we engage in shareholder advocacy by dialoging directly with companies, filing shareholder proposals and voting our proxies, consistent with Quaker values on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues; and we share our unique, and under-represented Quaker business perspective on important policy issues.

Friends Fiduciary Delivers:

  • Competitive Investment Returns
  • Professional Investment Management
  • A Disciplined Quaker SRI Approach
  • Excellent Customer Service
Friends Fiduciary Corporation
1650 Arch Street, Suite 1904
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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