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Friends Fiduciary and its predecessor corporations have been serving the Religious Society of Friends since 1898. Friends Fiduciary is a not-for-profit Pennsylvania corporation. Our purpose is to provide Friends organizations with high-quality financial services on a cost-effective basis. Our investment philosophy is grounded in the beliefs of the Religious Society of Friends, among them the testimonies of peace, simplicity, integrity and justice. 

We currently serve over 250 Friends meetings, schools, organizations, trusts and endowments. Constituents participate in a pooled investment fund with total assets in excess of $200 million. The fund is diversified across various asset classes and is managed according to our socially responsible investment (SRI) guidelines. Additional services include SRI advocacy in the wider faith-based investment community, donor and fundraising support and charitable services.

Our specialized accounting allows constituents to maintain separate accounts for separate purposes, including endowments, at no additional cost. Our cost structure is simple and transparent.

Taking advantage of our planned giving services, more than 300 donors have made gifts to establish Charitable Gift Annuities, confident that their gifts will be managed with a socially responsible investment philosophy guided by Quaker testaments and values. Some 60 Quaker organizations are the charitable beneficiaries of these gifts.

Why Friends Choose Friends Fiduciary:

  • Professional Investment Management
  • Pro-Active SRI and Proxy Policies
  • Solid Long-term Investment Performance
  • Modest Expense Ratio
  • Flexible Allocation Options
Friends Fiduciary Corporation
1650 Arch Street, Suite 1904
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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