Friends Fiduciary Calls for Companies to Set Emissions Reduction Targets

January 18th, 2017

SBT Target PictureFriends Fiduciary joined with other faith-based investors in asking companies to finalize their commitments to setting science-based emissions reduction targets, positioning themselves to succeed in a low-carbon future. Over 100 publicly held companies indicated in their most recent Carbon Disclosure Project reports that they would set science-based emissions reduction targets within two years. Concrete, research-based goal setting ensures that companies have a metric with which to measure performance, as well as an opportunity to increase profitability as prices for alternative energy drop and businesses prepare for a low-carbon future. Over 60 investors signed the letters to the companies who had indicated they would set reduction targets. The letters are meant to compel these businesses to see their commitments through and emphasize the important role businesses play in fighting climate change.

Friends Fiduciary believes that science-based emissions reduction targets are powerful tools companies can and should use to mitigate climate change risk, prepare for the effects of a warmer world, and increase efficiency.

See a sample letter here and a list of companies contacted here.