Friends Fiduciary Thanks Companies for Supporting Ohio Clean Energy Policy

February 23rd, 2017

BICEP Thank You PictureFriends Fiduciary wrote letters of appreciation to Campbell Soup Company, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Inc., Gap, Inc., and Whirlpool Corporation, thanking them for speaking out about the economic value of renewable energy and energy efficiency policy at the state level. These companies, along with five others, publicly expressed their opposition to continuing a state-level freeze in Ohio on renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. The freeze, in place since 2014, led some utilities to discontinue their clean energy programs, and as a result some clean energy jobs left the state. The policy was up for reevaluation last year, and these companies, representing 25,000 jobs in Ohio, spoke out in support of lifting the freeze. Many of the companies referred to the Energy Efficiency Resource Standard as helping both the environment and their bottom lines.

Word came in December that Governor Kasich vetoed the bill that would have continued the freeze, ensuring that businesses have the opportunity to source energy responsibly, while bringing jobs to Ohio and benefiting the environment. We are proud to own companies who recognize the importance of a low-carbon future to their business, the economy, and the environment. We applaud these companies for taking their responsibility as corporate citizens seriously.

See the press release including company statements here.